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  • *****

    This place just opened and I love it! Best Greek food I've had in a while. I'm also a fan Kalamatas... but happy to have this choice as well. The gyro platter and hummus are awesome.

  • *****

    I simply Googled Greek restaurants and found this one. I ordered and it was ready when I got there In five minutes. They knew who I was and greeted me as soon as I walked in. VERY courteous and the food is delicious. Will definitely eat there weekly

  • *****

    I come here a few times per week. It's good, reliable greek food. The gyro combo is delicious and well priced. In general, you will be able to get your food in under 5 minutes. It's a welcome break from the workday.

  • *****

    This place is clean, the staff is friendly, the food is excellent, and the price is right. It's my favorite Greek joint in the area. Try the chicken and gyro salad w cucumber sauce, tabouli, and jalapeos.

  • *****

    I almost always get the chicken plate here. It is plenty of food, and tastes very good. Friendly staff and quick service. Pay with cash and get a discount.

  • *****

    The food is consistent and speedy. Great place for lunch. It's quite popular so can be "cozy" in the small location. They have outdoors seating for beautiful days. Cash 5% discount! They allow you to sub hummus and pita for rice in your combo!

  • *****

    Greek Cafe is my go to place for a quick, tasty, and as-healthy-as-I-want-it-to-be lunch.

    I always get the falafel platter and my friend always gets the chicken. All the ingredients are fresh and flavorful. I didn't know that you could sub hummus and pita for rice in the combo so now I'll probably go more often. The staff is quick and focused on getting you your food but they're still very polite and nice.

    Another reviewer said their fries were gross, and I disagree. They're a standard crinkle fry with season salt-- as good as it gets to me. However, if you're like my friends-- you are probably making fun of me for ordering french fries at a Greek Cafe. To each her own!

  • *****

    Very good and large portions. The mixed platter is on $8.24. They also have 100 for health inspection.

  • *****

    first time ever having food like this and it was amazing I ordered the BBQ mix plate and it was so filling and great price I have already told all my friends and family about it and I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to go here if you are visiting or live in Brentwood area

  • *****

    Great people. Reasonable prices. Good food and prompt. Nice place to just stop by and get quick Mediterranean food on your way home / to the office / lunch.

  • *****

    Good, clean, bright and friendly. This is fast food Greek style. Their food is of excellent quality, it is well presented (even though it is on disposable plates) and the portions are large. Great value for money with platters priced at around $8.50.

    Well worth a visit for lunch on the fly.

  • *****

    excellent service so polite and excellent health score and excellent food I only gave four because the cucumber sauce had no dill!!! Lol

  • *****

    They came to where I work through the Fooda Popup Restaurants. I was extremely pleased and loved their food. I got the veggie plate, which was large portions for a very good price. I know where I will be going for Greek food from now on!

  • *****

    Place was pretty quite and clean. Lots of meat and carbs than i wanted for dinner but flavor was good and they grilled me both chicken and beef so that was nice.

  • *****

    The group decided the was a solid 4.75 star lunch spot. We had one member , Wanda , who gave it a 4 because we weren't sure what to do with our trays at the end. In case you were wondering, throw it away yourself. The trash cans are in the back by the drinks. The staff are all Greek body-builders (speculation, on my part) & they were all very friendly. The owner came by to check on us and to ensure we all enjoyed our meal. We will return

  • *****

    This place is very clean and inviting. Our food was fresh and flavorful. The gyro meat was sliced in front of us and made crisp on the grill. The Baba Ganoush had depth and roasted flavor. The delicious pita was reheated in an oven, not microwaved. The dolmades were house made, not a sad Sysco re-serve.

  • *****

    As far as Greek style food goes, The Greek Cafe should be #1.

    If you've checked the TripAdvisor ratings you'll see "Mediterranean Cuisine" restaurant much higher on the Brentwood list.

    Trust me, the Greek Cafe is MUCH BETTER.

    The food is prepared fresh in an open kitchen. The salad greens are fresh and crisp. The gyro is chopped and grilled just right. And you can get a complimentary side of hummus with a platter. Also, the chef will ask you what you would like on your salad... Onions? Olives? Feta? It's awesome.

    I went in the other day and one of the employees was heavy duty cleaning the floors and tables; a tidy establishment for sure!

    At the other nearby Greek restaurant, "Mediterranean Cusine," the platters are just doused in sauce, oily peppers and onions. Also, the meats don't taste as good... they are softer and slightly more tepid.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why "Mediterranean Cuisine" has been rated so high. Nobody has paid me to say this and I have no affiliation with either restaurant.

    Do yourself a favor and try the Greek Cafe. It really is fresh and delicious!

    My credentials: I'm a local who has lived in this area for many years. I eat Mediterranean food several times a month and I grew up with a Sicilian grandmother who made everything from scratch, so there! :-)

  • *****

    We had the gyro and the mixed grill plate. One of the servers was about to sit down to eat and I asked him what he had. He gave me his mixed grill to which he had added some additional spices. SO good. Place was not busy at 5 on a Friday evening. Definitely recommend this for Greek food lovers.

  • *****

    I work at Tractor Supply Company and it's a great place to come get some lunch if you're in a hurry or if you want to just sit down and relax and enjoy the awesome Greek food! I come here at least once maybe twice a week and the staff is great and always give excellent customer service. Food is always great and they have another restaurant in Cool Springs as well. Stop by and check them out of you want some great Greek cuisine!

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